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Amended Short Term Disability (STD) Process


Transit Employees’ Health and Benefit Trust
Instructions for applications for Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD) Benefits, including recurrences.

The Transit Trust has reviewed the claim submission instructions and has advised us that effective August 1, 2022, employees who are applying for Short Term Disability and/or Long-Term Disability will be required to send in paper documents to Human Resources Benefits. We will no longer be accepting photos or scanned copies of the disability claim forms.

Follow the instructions in the Unifor STD Instructions for Completing Disability Claim Form and once your forms are completed send in the paper copies of your sick claim forms either by inter office mail or Canada Post to HR Benefits (preaddressed envelopes are provided to you in your sick packages from your work location).

Just to remind you of a couple of important keys points to remember from the Instruction form:

3. When you receive the Disability Claim Form you must complete the “Employee’s Statement” and return  the copies of the Disability Claim Form to Human Resources Benefits immediately.

13. Completed forms must be received in Human Resources Benefits within 30 days of first day of absence in order to qualify for benefits. The form must be completed accurately and in full (e.g.,               “sick” is not acceptable under “What illness/injury has caused you to be absent from work?” – provide the reason).