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Joint Bargaining Bulletin #1


Joint Bargaining Bulletin #1

Created February 16, 2016

This bargaining bulletin will be the first of many to update the members on the status of the negotiations as we proceed through the bargaining process.

Your Joint Bargaining Committee, composed of elected representatives from Locals’ 111 and 2200, has been meeting throughout January and February to prepare and finalize our package of proposals based on membership feedback, grievance history, and a review of previous agreements.

The Joint Bargaining Committee will meet to open collective bargaining with the Company on Wednesday, February 17, 2016. Several bargaining sessions are scheduled with the Company during February and March 2016 and we expect that work will also continue through various sub- committees as required during this process.

Your Joint Bargaining Committee is entering this round of negotiations seeking a fair collective agreement for our members, with improvements in benefits, and other improvements in all sections of the collective agreement.

Regular meetings of the Local Union Executive Boards will be scheduled as required, to update the executive officers, of both Local Unions, on the status of negotiations and the membership will be updated through the Bargaining Bulletins and General Membership meetings.

As is the standard practice during the course of any round of bargaining, we strongly advise the membership not to assume any outcome of the bargaining process. Hope for the best possible outcome but always prepare yourself for the alternative.

We encourage all members to continue to support your bargaining committee and we will continue to keep you updated on events as they unfold. 

In Solidarity,

Nathan Woods, Unifor Local 111 Bargaining Chair

Mike Smith, Unifor Local 2200 Bargaining Chair

Gavin McGarrigle, Unifor National Area Director 

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