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A message from your Western Regional Director


Dear members,

The B.C. government is undertaking public consultations on new paid sick leave legislation. We're asking all Unifor members in British Columbia to participate. The deadline for filling out the online survey is September 14 at 4 p.m.

To this end, Unifor will be emailing members in B.C. with the following talking points about our demands:

Workers, when sick, must be able to stay home without loss of wages.
In British Columbia, Unifor is lobbying for 10 paid sick days minimum for all workers.
An additional 14 paid sick days should be extended during a declared public health emergency.
B.C. workers deserve at least 10 paid sick pay that are:

  • Universal (e.g. apply equally, to all workers, regardless of status)
  • Fair (e.g. requiring no doctor’s notes)
  • Flexible (e.g. not specific to personal/physical illness, but personal emergencies, mental health)
  • Fully-paid (e.g. no half-measures, and paid by employers)
  • Non-discrimination (e.g. no employer reprisals on workers who use paid sick days)
  • Please feel free to post this information on your website to help rank-and-file members complete this important survey so B.C. can finally have a fair paid sick leave program.

In solidarity,

Gavin McGarrigle
Western Regional Director